Professional Profile: Max Ballardo 2018

Max Ballardo

Name: Max Ballardo

Title: Design Associate, LEED Green Associate

Company: Patriquin Architects

Location: New Haven, CT

Birthplace: Iquitos, Peru

Education: Master’s Degree from Rhode Island School of Design. 

What was your first job in the A/E/C Industry? I worked as a licensed contractor for over two years right after doing an internship in an architecture firm in Hartford.

Why architecture? I have always liked learning about the world, artwork and building things, and architecture pretty much put all those pieces together for me. We spend more than 90% of our lives inside or around architecture, which accounts for more than 40% of climate change. That is why I enjoy what I design, because I can be creative and also make a real impact in the world.

Who’s your favorite architect? I really like Antoni Gaudi. He was a brilliant man who experimented with form, light, and proportions. His work is so integral – in many levels it is timeless. Frank Lloyd Wright is a close favorite second for similar reasons.

What sort of thinking resonates with you as an architect? I would say an integrative thinking that merges collaborative ideas with the natural environment, historical and social value into a design.

Favorite Book/novel: “The Third Industrial Revolution” by Jeremy Rifkin

Favorite Movie: None in specific, but I like movies based on true stories.

Hobbies: boating, travelling, woodworking, photography, hiking, volunteering