Professional Profile: Melody Curry 2018

Melody Curry - 2018

Name: Melody Curry - 2018

Title: Commissioner

Company: Department of Administrative Services CT

Location: CT

Birthplace: N/A

Explain some LEAN initiatives as applicable to the DAS?

In Procurement, areas within the office of supplier diversity, 5 pages have been eliminated (did not add value) reducing the approval time to less than 30 days allowing small and minority contractors to our lists, addressed a backlog within 3 months and have maintained it since.

In school construction,  entirely new standards and guidelines for the school systems to follow has been created and  the process has been moved online to the extent possible, avoiding about $500 million in costs to the state. These are just a few of many accomplishments.

How does your leadership style differ from other state commissioners? 

Hands on, being well aware of happenings within the agency.  Listening, not talking and gathering the best information possible. I serve at the pleasure of the governor.  All commissioners want to improve their agency as much as possible within the time they have.  

What do you see as your biggest challenge moving forward? 

Maintaining staff and the constant shifting of priorities due to funding & staffing levels. Constantly educating others about the responsibilities of my agency.

Any words of wisdom? 

Trust your “gut.”  A quick decision doesn’t mean it is a good decision and if you or your agency are wrong – apologize. 

Who do you admire? 

State employees!  They are one of the most maligned groups.  Everyone knows how to do their job better, smarter and cheaper.  However, every day they report to work and continue the job at hand.