Professional Profile: Mike McLaughlin 2019

Mike McLaughlin

Name: Mike McLaughlin

Title: Senior Vice President

Company: Landry/French Construction

Location: Portsmouth, NH

Birthplace: Quincy, MA

Family: Wife, Amy – sons Owen, Liam and Colin

College:  University of Massachusetts, Amherst

First job unrelated to your current field: Paper boy

First job in current field: Field engineer

What your firm does now and its plans for the future?:  We are a leading construction management firm that is growing in size and geographical footprint.  I’m excited about opening an office in New Hampshire for Landry/French and working on great projects for great owners.  

Hobbies: Golf, guitar

Favorite novel: Anything by John Grisham

Favorite film: Braveheart

Keys to success: Try to find solutions where everyone wins. Teamwork  

Person(s) you most admire (outside of family): Abraham Lincoln

If you had to choose a different profession, what would it be?: Football coach