Professional Profile: Philip Veilleux 2017

Philip Veilleux - 2017

Name: Philip Veilleux - 2017

Title: Project Manager

Company: Tecton Architects

Location: Hartford, CT

Birthplace: N/A

Education: Rhode Island School of Design

How long have you worked in the A/E/C Industry? 25+ years 

What does your firm do? Tecton Architects is a multi-specialist architectural, interior design and master planning firm.

What was your first position/job in the A/E/C Industry? I had several part-time jobs in related fields early in my career, but my first full-time job in the industry was as a drafter for DuBose Associates (which Tecton acquired in 2011)

Why and/or how did you decide on the A/E/C Industry? Architecture allowed me to meld an interest in art and a family history in construction

What projects have you participated on? At Tecton, I’ve primarily supported DaVita Dialysis Centers. In my past experience I spent close to a decade working on Evergreen Walk in South Windsor, CT.

Advice/Keys to success: Success is a function of experience, time and maturity. As you get older, you understand the industry and your part in it.

Hobbies: I’m an avid golfer (you’ll routinely see me on the links representing Tecton!), and like to unwind with a mix of sports, art and construction.

Favorite novel: While I don’t read a lot of novels, I love to learn and see what’s happening in the industry. Most of my reading time is spent with construction magazines and trade publications.

Favorite movie? I love comedies, especially classics like Caddyshack