Professional Profile: Stephen Davis 1966

Stephen Davis - 1966

Name: Stephen Davis - 1966

Title: Manager

Company: Julien J. Studley, Inc., Realtors

Location: Boston, Mass.

Birthplace: Newark, N.J., 1938

Steve first came to New England as a student at B.U. and, as he explains “It was love at first sight.” After serving a tour of duty in the U.S. Coast Guard, he entered the real estate field in New York City, but was soon drawn back to the Boston area as manager of the J.J. Studley office. Davis admits it wasn’t easy getting started, but once the deals started falling together, he began earning the reputation as one of the brightest, up-an-coming men in the trade and was recently named an assistant vice president of the company. He specializes in leasing of office space and the development of transactions leading to the creation of new office buildings. “These fields are the branches most open to a young man in the business today, and certainly the most potentially rewarding for a young man willing to commit his time, energy and imagination. In the short time the Studley firm has been in Boston, Steve has negotiated several substantial leases. Single, but “always open for negotiation,” Steve finds time for golf and tennis.