Professional Profile: Steven Wassersug 2018

Steven Wassersug

Name: Steven Wassersug

Title: President

Company: Timberline Construction Corp.

Location: Canton, MA

Birthplace: Waltham, MA

Family: Renee (wife) and sons – Matthew, Brian & John

College: University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth

First job unrelated to your current field: Produce clerk

First job in current field: Laborer for small contractor in Canton, MA.

What your firm does now and its plans for the future?: Timberline Construction is a full-service construction management firm headquartered in Canton, Mass. We provide preconstruction and construction management services to the region’s leading institutions, corporations and developers. Timberline has embarked on an aggressive growth strategy by retaining new talent and continuing to train and develop our best-in-class team to set the stage for projected growth while ensuring our clients are the number one priority and living up to our motto of “Exceptional. No Exceptions.”

Hobbies: Boating, hanging out at the lake, and attending my boys sporting and Boy Scout events

Favorite film: Remember the Titans

Keys to success: Work hard, treat everyone with respect, stay organized