Professional Profile: Timothy Moynahan 2014

Timothy Moynahan - 2014

Name: Timothy Moynahan - 2014

Title: Attorney

Company: The Moynahan Law Firm, LLC

Location: 60 North Main St., 2nd Fl., Waterbury, CT

Birthplace: Waterbury, Connecticut

Family: Single College: Providence College, Catholic University Law School First job unrelated to your current field: Self employed attorney First job in current field: Solo practitioner What your firm does now and its plans for the future? I am a trial lawyer. Personal Injury and Criminal Defense are my main areas of law but I am a full service law firm. Hobbies: Travel, hiking with my dog, reading and the gym. Favorite novel: "War and Peace" Favorite film: "Godfather II" Keys to success: Commitment, persistence and good luck Peron(s) you most admire (outside of family): Those that overcome adversity, live productive lives without complaint and love altruistically. If you had to choose a different profession, what would it be? I am also an entrepreneur so I am living other professions; also serve on non profit boards so I am fortunate to have diverse opportunities.