Professional Profile: Todd Andrews 2019

Todd Andrews

Name: Todd Andrews

Title: Principal

Company: Centerbrook Architects & Planners

Location: Centerbrook, CT

Birthplace: Hartford, CT

Education: Bachelors of Architecture, Syracuse University

What does your firm do and any plans for the future? Centerbrook Architects is a community of creative problem solvers working together to advance place making and the craft of building. We work on diverse projects types and we are very excited about the potential for carefully planned mixed-use developments. We see a desire for connectivity and interaction amongst the younger and older generations and mixed-use developments have an opportunity to create, balanced self-sustaining eco-systems. Crafting an identity and multi-generational community through a dynamic blend of housing, retail, hospitality, sacred, cultural, outdoor, and public spaces is the future.

Keys to success: Listening and developing inventive design solutions! We invest time to get to know our clients, their needs, and what makes them unique. Our approach seeks inspiration from the site, surroundings, cultural history, and program requirements. The results are designs that enhance an institutions identity and promotes a sense of place and community, while enhancing the inhabitant’s wellbeing: socially, spiritually, and intellectually.

Did you have a mentor if so who & why? If not tell us about someone living or not, you admire: The opportunity to work directly with each of my partners at Centerbrook, over the past 22 years, has influenced me tremendously. In their own ways, they have each taught me lessons about design, business, and leadership.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Continuing to design, invent, and make in our 19th century factory mill building.

If you had to choose a different profession, what would it be? Teaching or coaching. The opportunity to influence the next generations through academics or athletics is amazing.

Favorite novel: The Pillars of the Earth

Favorite film: Point Break

Hobbies: Sports have been a big part of my life both playing and coaching my children. I love the competition and the team comradery.