Pumpcoat/PCI Contractors adds Sauereisen to product line

June 12, 2014 - Spotlights
Pumpcoat/PCI Contractors have long been an expert in the coating field. The company's experience has allowed it to provide valued service in repairing corrosion and erosion damage to pump parts, mechanical equipment, tanks, floors and other items. Pumpcoat/PCI has added the Sauereisen product line to our arsenal of quality coating materials. Industrial clients rely on Pumpcoat/PCI to solve problems.
Sauereisen manufactures specialty cements and corrosion resistant materials for the construction industry. They have made their mark at providing repair materials for aggressive chemical environments and high temperature applications.
Sauereisen products have already withstood the test of time in wastewater facilities where microbiological induced corrosion is an issue. Pumpcoat/PCI has been a key provider for services in the power generation field for close to two decades. It seemed a good fit to start using the Sauereisen products for many of the specific corrosion problems faced in the power plants.
In addition to the power generation field, Pumpcoat/PCI has been a service provider for universities, the department of corrections, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, municipalities and others.


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