Quonset celebrates funding for new connections via I-95 and Rte. 403 - by Steven King

February 09, 2024 - Rhode Island
Steven J. King

At Quonset Business Park, our world-class transportation infrastructure provides sea, air, rail and highway connections for the park’s 239 businesses.

Last month, we hosted Rhode Island’s federal, state and local leaders to celebrate an $81 million Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) grant, made possible through the tremendous work of Rhode Island’s congressional delegation. The federal funding will support new connections that make Quonset more accessible from I-95, while adding new ramps to Rte. 403, creating a more efficient way to travel throughout the business park.

The new highway connections will help keep trucks and other traffic off local roads, reducing congestion, noise, and pollution in residential neighborhoods, while creating more accessibility and growth opportunities at Quonset.

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation estimates that the project will eliminate approximately 500 metric tons of greenhouse gases per year, while enhancing safety on the local roads that are currently the only option for reaching the business park. Construction is projected to begin in 2025.

The I-95 INFRA grant project is just the latest example of the consistent support Quonset has enjoyed from our partners at every level of government for nearly 50 years. These resources have allowed Quonset to deliver world-class infrastructure and amenities to the Rhode Island business community. 

Since the closure of the U.S. Navy installation, public investment in Quonset has exceeded $800 million, funding critical improvements to road, rail, port, airport, and utility systems.

These public investments have been leveraged more than three-to-one with private sector investments of over $3 billion. Quonset’s 239 companies now employ more than 14,000 Rhode Islanders in a wide range of industries. Those 14,000 people earn $1.7 billion in household income every year, at wages 10% higher than the statewide average.

Our infrastructure set the stage for Quonset Business Park to become one of the most successful business parks in the nation, as well as the region’s leading engine of economic development and job growth.

The new I-95 highway project positions Quonset to continue delivering on our promise of efficient, convenient infrastructure for the companies who call the business park home.

Steven J. King, PE, is the managing director of the Quonset Development Corp., North Kingstown, R.I.



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