Seaview Railroad: An integral part of Quonset’s success - by Steven King

July 14, 2017 - Rhode Island
Steven King,
Quonset Development Corp.

Quonset Business Park is a leader in meeting the modern logistics needs of the globally minded businesses here. A key component to our success is Seaview Railroad, our intra-park short line railroad that has operated for more than 30 years. In that time Seaview has provided tenants and shippers with convenient and cost-effective means of transporting goods within the park, as well as throughout North America.

Seaview Railroad is a multi-purpose logistics business that supports the shipping needs of Quonset’s tenants, as well as the highly attended Rhode Island National Guard Open House and Airshow. Established in 1991, the air show is a major community event that offers the finest aerial and static displays along with activities for people of all ages. While aircraft remain responsible for transporting most of the show’s models, thousands of guests rely on our roads to attend the event. In response, Seaview Railroad partnered with the Rhode Island Department of Transportation’s (RIDOT), RI Air National Guard, and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) last year to offer a new program called Trains to Planes. During air show weekend Seaview Railroad becomes the last link in a commuter line providing free service from stations in Providence, Warwick, and North Kingstown to the Park and back. 

The push behind the Trains to Planes initiative was to help decrease the volume of cars on the road and lessen traffic congestion for the event. With over 4,200 riders this year – 10% more than last year – it’s clear that this convenient service is making a difference for Air Show guests.

“We’re proud to be able to work with our partners to provide another transportation option to guests attending the air show,” said Eric Moffett, president of the Seaview Transportation Company and Railroad. “It’s great to be able to showcase the evolution of the Seaview Railroad through the Trains to Planes program.” 

With more than 14 miles of railroad track, Seaview Railroad is able to reach almost all areas of the park including the Port of Davisville where it offers on-dock rail service. Over the last five years the rail line has seen major upgrades and improvements thanks to Moffett’s leadership. 

“When I purchased the Seaview Transportation Company in 2012, I saw a tremendous opportunity for growth and development in the railroad and the area it served,” added Moffett.  “Quonset’s infrastructure and innovative site selection programs have encouraged and enabled companies to realize their expansion plans, and we’re here to support that growth.  By reinventing Seaview Transportation through the incorporation of new approaches to transportation and business logistics, I knew it could become an essential resource to attract and retain regional and global shipping business.”

The convenient access to Seaview’s extensive rail infrastructure is a major asset to many of the park’s 200 businesses and nearly 11,000 employees. Quonset’s rail line handles over 7,000 carloads a year including products shipped from area industries, products arriving for distribution throughout New England, and shipments arriving at the Port of Davisville. After the state invested in its rail infrastructure in the late 1990’s, the Seaview Railroad was able to move even more cargo and now transports nearly triple the number of cars that it did before the project.

The exclusivity of Seaview Railroad’s on demand service to the tenants in the park, our world class infrastructure, and the Quonset Development Corporation’s (QDC) innovative site-readiness program make Quonset Business Park a premiere destination to start or grow your business. 

The QDC is committed to offering top-of-the-line logistics services that aid in the growth and development of the park’s businesses. Seaview Railroad’s support in helping businesses achieve growth is a vital component as to why Quonset is an exceptional place to do business.  

Steven King, PE, is the managing director of the Quonset Development Corp., North Kingstown.



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