Financial Digest

KeyBank CDLI secures $41 million for The Community Builders to renovate phase 2 of Lyman Terrace Apartments in Holyoke, MA

Holyoke, MA KeyBank Community Development Lending and Investment (CDLI) secured $41 million of financing for The Community Builders (TCB), a nonprofit real estate developer, owner and manager based in Boston,

The threat of cyber fraud - Security is imperative for all 1031 Exchange funds - by Patricia Flowers

Fraud and cybercrime, particularly involving bank wire transfers for real estate transactions, continue to increase at an alarming rate. The long known scams of phishing emails with claims of lottery winnings or an inheritance, the need to protect loved ones by forwarding funds, etc.

Understanding how 1031 like-kind exchanges and vacation homes work - by Bill Lopriore

Many people own rental properties in vacation locations. With proper planning, a tax-deferred exchange may help them enjoy their vacation property to a limited extent, while still having the tax benefits available from a tax-deferred exchange. 

Improvement or construction exchanges under IRC Section 1031 - by Brendan Greene

Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 1031 allows a property owner, who holds property for “The productive use in a trade or business or for investment,” to defer paying any capital gains taxes if the property owner sells such property, identifies “like kind” property

Purchasing replacement property from a builder in a 1031 Exchange - by Lynne Bagby

With all of the development and new construction happening throughout New England, many real estate investors are interested in taking advantage of opportunities to purchase new construction directly for investment or as replacement property in a 1031 exchange.

Delaware Statutory Trusts can add flexibility to a 1031 exchange - by Justin Amos

Earlier this year we wrote about the growing market for 1031 exchanges using Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investments as replacement property. Since then, interest in DST solutions for 1031 exchanges has continued to grow.

Exchanges may be fully tax deferred or partially tax-deferred and partially taxable - by Robert Charland

Exchanges may be fully tax-deferred or partially tax-deferred and partially taxable. An exchange will be partially taxable if the taxpayer receives net non-like kind property, (boot) in the exchange. Cash boot is received, and therefore taxable, when the taxpayer receives cash

Spiegel of Spiegel Associates arranges $8.28 million financing for hotel property purchase

Boston, MA Sidney Spiegel of Spiegel Associates has arranged a $8.28 million loan for a property at 1759-1769 Washington St. in the South End. The property was constructed in 1875 as the Alexandra Hotel. The loan was funded by a regional bank that saw the value of the property

Groblewski and Feig of Fantini & Gorga place $20.5 million in financing

Mansfield, MA Fantini & Gorga arranged a $20.5 million financing package for the development of 300 North Main, a transit-oriented, mixed-use development. Casimir Groblewski, senior managing director, and Lindsay Feig, director, arranged both the debt and the equity portions of the capital stack for the project.

Rockland Trust provides $17.7 million in financing to Capstone Communities LLC and Hope Real Estate Enterprises LLC

Cambridge, MA Rockland Trust has provided $17.7 million in financing to local developers Capstone Communities LLC and Hope Real Estate Enterprises LLC. The financial package includes an $8.7 million construction loan and $9 million in low income housing tax credit equity.