Northern New England

Stuart-Buckley joins M&S Development as development director

Brattleboro, VT M&S Development welcomes Katie Stuart-Buckley to their team as development director. Stuart-Buckley’s experience a...

Cornerstone PDC completes 11,000 s/f build-out

Manchester, NH Cornerstone PDC, LLC completed design-build renovations for EVR Advertising’s new corporate offices at 155 Dow St....

Colliers International represents BAE Systems in 193,000 s/f lease

Manchester, NH Colliers International, a global leader in commercial real estate services, represented BAE Systems in its 193,000 s/f lease ...

Holmes of North Branch Construction retires

Concord, NH Kenneth Holmes, CEO and former president of North Branch Construction, has retired after thirty years with the firm. Prior to wo...

New guidance for real estate investors on the 20% deduction in tax code, Section 199A - by Lynne Bagby

Many New England real estate investors have been wondering how they can qualify for the Section 199A 20% reduction for their real estate “businesses” as they, along with their CPAs and tax advisors maneuver around the recent changes to the tax code. 

This generation of appraisers: Taking responsibility for the assignment and controlling the process - by William Pastuszek Jr.

After seemingly getting through the tunnel’s darkness and getting to the bright end, it seems like residential appraisers may be entering dark times again. Not self-inflicted, but assault from without. The residential appraisal profession went through a process of change during the downturn. The ensuing changes, while eliciting the usual appraiser complaints, were effective getting the appraisal process much more independent, free from undue influence, and technically more solid.

If there is anything that breaks categories, it is low-rise, high density housing - by Thomas House

If there is anything that breaks categories, it’s low-rise, high density housing, which for practical purposes, we will define as being 4 (or 5) stories tall, usually with a commercial or retail first-floor platform.

Confidentiality agreements in real estate transactions should contain several key elements - by Philip Hastings

“Knowledge is power and it can command obedience. A man of knowledge during his lifetime can make people obey and follow him and he is praised and venerated after his death. Remember that knowledge is a ruler and wealth is its subject.” - Saying 146 from Nahj Al-Balagha.

We anticipate our retail business growing within our company and in the N.H. retail market as a whole - by Bryan Wright

Here at Colliers, we experienced a very productive year in the retail sector. Heading into 2019, we anticipate our retail business growing within our company and in the New Hampshire retail market as a whole.

Trends in regulatory controls require a more comprehensive “due diligence” approach - by Robert Duval

In the year ahead, we are likely to see continued compression in project delivery schedules, spurring developers and designers to hunt for new ways to streamline the design and permitting process. Meanwhile, the regulatory maze is becoming increasingly difficult and constantly changing. As a result, the permitting process often represents the major obstacle to project delivery dates, even for relatively simple projects.