SGA launches workplace re-entry design efforts in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic

May 15, 2020 - Construction Design & Engineering

Boston, MA SGA, an architecture, interior design, planning, branded environments and virtual design and construction practice, today announced that the launch of its “Workplace Re-Entry Design” practice, that reimagines and reconfigures workspaces to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact.

“We have brought together architects and interior and graphic designers to assist our clients in preparing their workspaces for phased re-entry through plan and furniture review, as well as the integration of key graphics to encourage social distancing and communicate usage, hygiene, and cleaning protocols,” said Gable Clarke, IIDA, LEED AP, partner and director of interior design at SGA. 

Clarke said that SGA is helping its clients with short-term and long-term planning, and the re-adjustment of workspace per employee and workplace re-entry concepts.

“The SGA team is helping our clients evaluate how their existing workplace can support a phased re-entry. Potential strategies include floor plan studies to determine social distancing opportunities, furniture modifications such as introducing screening elements, and the introduction of graphics and signage to support and encourage safe space utilization, behavioral and operational protocols,” Ms. Clarke said. “In addition, we help them assess long-term workplace adjustments that are right for their business via programming and envisioning exercises.”

SGA is a member of the Boston Real Estate COVID Consortium, whose members include experts from the project management, construction, commercial real estate brokerage, commissioning, code review, design, environmental engineering, technology, and furniture sectors. Each week, the Consortium publishes meaningful, relevant, and timely content to navigate the short term and long-term effects of COVID-19 on real estate. For the latest updates, follow SGA's social media channels. 



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