South of Boston Question & Answers - by Philip Lemnios

March 06, 2020 - Spotlights

Philip Lemnios

Town Manager

Town of Hull, Mass.

What should developers know about the process when working with your community? The town of Hull is welcoming and appreciates those looking to invest in our community.  We are aware of the challenges associated with any new development, particularly, new commercial uses, and strive to make the public review and permitting process as efficient as possible.  Several initiatives have been advanced to streamline the process to reduce the period of time it takes from application to approval.   The town, together with its boards and commissions, strive to create consistency in process from project to project and to be transparent with developers so that we can work in a cooperative and collaborative fashion.  

Are there any areas within your communities that you are looking to draw investment? The geography of the town led to the development of several small business zoned, commercial areas spread out along Nantasket Ave. that are ripe for new investment.  The area along Nantasket Beach is the most active commercial area in town and, as a result of a new zoning district, attracting much attention and investment.  This area has historically seen a large influx of visitors in the summer, but is becoming a more year round attraction.  Though we are seeing considerable investment in this area, many opportunities (including a 12 acre urban renewal area) still exist along the beach front.

Why should developers look to your town? Hull’s history, geography, economy and demographics contribute to a fantastic quality of life, which is attractive to new businesses and residents. Hull’s transportation options include the MBTA ferry providing a 20 minute commute to downtown Boston, and a nearby commuter rail station. Nantasket Beach is a major tourist attraction and provides exceptional recreation residents. Hull is pedestrian and bike friendly with attractive restaurants, stores and hotels. Public utilities are available throughout town and over $10 million in roadway improvements are currently under way. The town is experiencing substantial revitalization with strong citizen support and great opportunities for developers.



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