The future of security is here and ever evolving - by Daniel Sarno

January 27, 2023 - Spotlights
Daniel Sarno

In the security industry, change is constant. As threats to safety evolve, so do the strategies and technologies used to combat them. This is especially true when it comes to video surveillance. 

For years, security guards have been the first line of defense against potential threats. However, with the advent of new technologies, guards are no longer the only ones responsible for keeping an eye on things. Camera systems have become increasingly sophisticated as artificial intelligence continues to enhance. A fully automated AI based “smart” camera system is now able to do things that were once thought impossible. They can detect intruders, track movement, and even identify faces. But while cameras have made great strides, they are not perfect. They still require a human operator to make sure that they are working properly and to interpret the data that they generate. In the future, traditional security guards, smart cameras, and possibly even robots will work together to protect clients’ property and assets. NEW ENGLAND SECURITY is at the forefront of this trend, with our new Video Guard Pro system. This system combines the best of both worlds – the human element of security guards with the technological advances of video surveillance – to provide the most comprehensive security solution possible.

During the pandemic, a combination of a reduction in labor force and clients tightening their facilities budgets had a major negative impact on private security firms throughout the country. NEW ENGLAND SECURITY immediately started adopting more diverse security options in 2021, utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Remote video monitoring has become a successful solution for both our clients and our company. We implemented nationwide our proprietary AI camera system, Video Guard Pro. Our system utilizes the most advanced “smart” camera technology, capable of artificial intelligence, two-way audio communication, and even onboard police lights and sirens. Video Guard Pro’s goal is to “Prevent Crime in Real Time.”

In the past, security guards were responsible for monitoring multiple video feeds and reacting to potential incidents. However, newer smart cameras are now able to automatically detect and flag potential security breaches. This means that security guards can now focus on other tasks, such as responding to incidents and patrolling the premises. In addition, smart cameras can also be used to monitor the behavior of employees and customers by detecting suspicious movements or excess loitering. This information can be used to improve the overall security of a business.

AI cameras are having a positive impact on the security industry. In addition to freeing up security guards to focus on other tasks like foot patrols, AI cameras are also providing businesses with a more cost-effective security solution. AI cameras are changing the way businesses approach security measures. In the past, businesses would often install security systems after an incident had occurred. However, camera systems like our Video Guard Pro allow businesses to proactively monitor their premises and prevent security breaches before they happen. Our system is designed to detect, observe, recognize, and identify vehicles, license plates, individual faces, intruders, and criminal activity.

Today, our Video Guard Pro provides a proprietary crime watch box and remote video monitoring solutions at over 70 locations across New England, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, and DC and are making our way to other parts of the United States. We proactively limit our growth and never take on more business than we can handle. We never want to overwhelm our monitoring agents. This allows them to focus on a limited number of projects and sites, maintaining consistent and optimal dedication to our clients. By implementing an in-house 24/7 monitoring center, both surveillance dispatchers and guards on foot can work in tandem to ensure the maximum security coverage at a client’s site. Combined, we are able to dispatch our guards to trouble areas even before local businesses have the chance to call our dispatch center to report suspicious activity. In addition, the Video Guard Pro system allows for our dispatchers to verbally communicate to loiterers and perpetrators via loud speakers to warn them if they do not leave that law enforcement will be called. The results of the system’s capabilities are overwhelmingly successful.

The future of security is here and ever evolving. Within the next decade we expect to adapt even further and explore new technology such as utilizing robots. Having NEW ENGLAND SECURITY based in Boston means we have access to many innovative resources and can keep a close watch on where technological trends are going in the security industry. To learn more about our company or Video Guard Pro, visit us at and

Daniel Sarno is the chief financial officer for NEW ENGLAND SECURITY, Malden, Mass.



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