The Lollipops return to Brady Sullivan Plaza

December 08, 2023 - Northern New England

Manchester, NH Nearly 49 years after the initial Hampshire Plaza Mall dedication celebration, The Lollipops, as they were called, have made their way home.

In the early 1970s, artist Robert Amory created three wind sculptures named Fantasy, that were installed in the courtyard of the then Hampshire Plaza Mall, and known to locals as The Lollipops. These three sculptures became a landmark in the city until they were dismantled in the early 1980s.

In May 2022, 40 years after their removal by a previous owner, Brady Sullivan Properties decided it was time the work of art was brought back as part of the revitalization of Brady Sullivan Plaza, and the addition of a new, high-rise apartment community – The Residence at 1000 Elm.

“We knew The Residence at 1000 Elm would have a modern-day spin of the 1970s era, and the renewal of The Lollipops only seemed right,” said Shane Brady of Brady Sullivan Props. “It was also a surprise for Arthur Sullivan, who did not know they were being recreated. He was born and raised here in Manchester, and we knew he would be ecstatic to see The Lollipops make their way back to our property.”

Extensive research was completed regarding the original Fantasy sculpture; however, minimal content was published during its decade long existence, and the artist passed way in July 2022.

After speaking with numerous artists and fabricators, Brady Sullivan Props. decided 603 Metals was best to recreate The Lollipops.

The 2023 version of The Lollipops is a single wind sculpture that stands 13.5 ft. tall, with ten 4 ft. arms that host a 3 ft. circular disc colored Illusion Orange at the end – these two components create a 7 ft. lollipop. The total diameter of the sculpture measures 14.5 ft. Both circular discs, as well as the entire structure spin in any direction the wind will take it. In addition, the main connection at the center of all 10 lollipops sits a 5” custom machined bearing that allows the structure to gimbal up and down and all-around as the circular discs spin.

Knowing that the original structure’s discs faded in color and occasionally broke, Brady Sullivan Properties wanted to ensure these lollipops would have an everlasting life. 603 Metals opted to use steel and stainless steel to withstand the strong courtyard winds. Each lollipop weighs 70 lbs., making the total weight spinning 700 lbs. You will also see that the entire work of art has a beautiful high-gloss, candy sparkle powder coat that not only shines in the sunlight but will not fade over time.

“Unlike the original sculpture, we built this sculpture out of 100% metal. We machined and created all our own mechanisms. Thanks to my awesome team we built The Lollipops strictly from old photos,” said 603 Metals owner Brian McKenna. “About a week before we completed the project, we received an article about Fantasy being built out of fiberglass and plastic, as well as the dimensions. What is displayed at Brady Sullivan Plaza is just our imagination of size, materials, and function from old photos – and we did a pretty good job recreating this work of art.”

603 Metals spent upwards of 100 hours welding and grinding each lollipop into shape, and hundreds of hours more machining and fabricating the attachments and bearings.

“We would like to thank the team at Brady Sullivan Properties for commissioning 603 Metals to bring back a piece of art history to the city, as well as our crew and vendors who made this possible, said McKenna. “Lastly, I would like to dedicate the job to my father, who was also my business partner. He passed away before the sculpture was completed. He loved the idea of The Lollipops coming back to Manchester, and even more so that we had a hand in it. This was our first large public art display, which we hope leads to many more.”

“We are proud of the work Brian and his team at 603 Metals completed, says a Brady Sullivan Properties representative. “The Lollipops brought so much joy to residents and visitors in the 70s and early 80s, and we are excited to reinvigorate Manchester with this project – and add it to the many other works of art happening throughout the city.”

The Lollipops were installed on Friday, November 17, 2023, and it’s just the beginning to what residents and tenants at Brady Sullivan Plaza can expect in the coming months. In addition to The Residence at 1000 Elm which features 1-3 bedroom high-rise, luxury apartment homes, complete with gleaming quartz countertops in both the kitchen and bathroom, stainless steel appliances, in-unit washer and dryer, designer flooring throughout, and garage parking; the amenities will also include modern day features such as a community room, fitness center, theatre room, game room, indoor putting green, animal washing station, library, and WiFi lounge, but all will have a modern, retro vibe reminiscent to the era which the building was constructed.



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