Tremendous Maid reveals Simple IRA Retirement Plan

May 01, 2015 - Owners Developers & Managers
Tremendous Maid also known as Boston's Best Commercial Cleaning, a residential and commercial cleaning company based out of Jamaica Plain, officially announced the Tremendous MAID Simple IRA Retirement Plan for their cleaning specialists. The company partnered with Ellen Duffy,CFP and financial adviser at Michael A. Schreiber and Associates to assist in establishing the small business retirement plan and providing financial education to Tremendous Maid employees. Tremendous Maid / Boston's Best Commercial Cleaning is family owned and operated by Victoria Amador, Nisaury Amador and Rosa Tejeda. The three women began Tremendous Maid in 2010 and in 2013 complemented their residential cleaning services with a commercial branch.
Tremendous Maid's CEO, Victoria Amador, is fully committed to providing great benefits and better opportunities for her staff. "We are hungry for awesome opportunities that help our employees grow and develop themselves both personally and professionally, and we know for a fact that out of all the cleaning companies out there we are the only small cleaning company in Boston providing these valuable benefits to our employees." said Amador. In addition to paychecks, her employees are also provided complementary courses in financial literacy and the English language; initiatives she says will save her money in the long run.
"Investing the time and resources to establish a retirement plan benefit demonstrates the commitment that Victoria, Nisaury and Rosa have to their employees. Financially strong individuals, families and small businesses make strong communities. It is a privilege to work together to educate and empower people on the importance of retirement planning," said Ellen Duffy, CFP, Michael A Schreiber and Associates.
It is Amador,'s investment in her employees that will allow her the convenience of hiring from within Tremendous Maid, as she broadens her clientele, and looks to expand. A former executive assistant housekeeper at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida and a Cornell University graduate, Amador knows how much easier it is for a company to hire from within, rather than spend time and resources seeking external help. Already, many of her employees have experienced upward mobility in lower levels of the company, and it's only a matter of time before they exceed their current roles.
Boston's Best Commercial Cleaning specializes in office buildings, professional offices, banks, and apartment building common spaces and turnover, with a focus on spectacular floor care. They have a team of highly trained and professional employees who carry out all cleaning jobs in a consistent and efficient manner.
The company offers fully customizable service packages, allowing each business to choose and receive exactly the services that they require and that will best serve their needs. The owners work with each client one on one to offer advice and determine the best options and then ensure that the work is carried out in an outstanding manner. They are available on a one time basis or for ongoing services and they work as an extension of the business they are providing cleaning for, treating each building with care and cleaning with utmost quality.
Boston's Best Commercial Cleaning is currently accepting new clients and the owners are available for expert advice on both commercial and residential cleaning.


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