Vantem Panels makes SIP panelized kit homes

August 22, 2013 - Green Buildings
Vantem Panels introduced SmartHomze, a collection of SIP panelized kit homes, to the North American market. The initial selection of five house designs range in size from 560 to 1,700 s/f includes all materials for the exterior walls, roof, floors, and porch; and comes with the siding and metal roofing as well as photovoltaic panels, HVAC, HRV, and R-5+ windows and doors. The homeowner is responsible for construction, interior partitions, appliances and finishes.
SmartHomze are designed to be installed on piers, but can also go onto slabs or foundations. Estimated cost of construction is about $150 per s/f, excluding foundations, site work and permitting fees. "With 'Green Construction' costs ranging from $200 - $250 per s/f, we worked very hard to keep costs down and make them affordable," said Vantem Panels president, Dave Gauthier, the designer of the SmartHomze.
Originally intended for Baby Boomers seeking to downsize and Millennial first time home buyers, the SmartHomze kits make net-zero-energy living possible for everyone.
"If you figure that the average house today costs $150 a square foot to build, the free energy components are a bonus," said Doug Anderson, long time sales manager for Vantem Panels." SmartHomze eliminates your second biggest expense to owning a home!"
Structural Insulated Panels have the obvious advantages over traditional stick-frame construction by reducing time and labor by over 50% with an envelope that is 15 times as air tight. Along with the superior insulation and increased air sealing of the Urethane SIP panels, the reduction in the cost of photovoltaic panels and increased efficiencies of the newer HVAC units makes this entry-level price possible. "We are very excited with the prospects that SmartHomze have in this recovering housing climate," Anderson said. "SIPs offer a builder a faster, easier and tighter way to build today. SIPs are an attractive option to stick-framing in light of the labor challenges in the housing industry today."
Urethane Foam Panels offer the highest R-Value of any insulation on the market at R-6.8 per inch. These SIP panels can qualify for as many as 72 LEED points and 242 points for the National Green Building Standard. The DOE Energy Star program exempts SIP construction from the blower door test requirement.
The SmartHomze panels are manufactured using Urethane Foam Structural Insulated Panels out of the Brattleboro facility of Vantem Panels. Starting in 1981; Vantem Panel's precursor, Winter Panel started producing Urethane Foam Structural Insulated Panels in a converted shoe factory in Brattleboro. Over the ensuing 30 plus years, Winter Panel shipped panels for over 3,000 structures; homes, schools, commercial and institutional.


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