VBA Construction Management completes
four clinics for Bond Vet

September 22, 2023 - Construction Design & Engineering

Lowell, MA Over the past year the VBA Construction Management team has completed four animal hospitals for Bond Vet, a pet health company with over 40 locations from Chicago to Boston. The clinics are located throughout the Boston-area and include Newbury St., Chestnut Hill, Arsenal Yards, and MarketStreet in Lynnfield, Mass.

Bond Vet’s clinics have many specific and unique building and technical requirements from lighting to medical technology and veterinary equipment yet must also be constructed to facilitate efficiency for staff, as well as comfort for pets and their humans. 

Ayla Rodriguez, assistant project manager, at Bond Vet said working with VBA has helped to eliminate much of the stress involved in their building projects that often have tight timelines and lots of moving parts. “Having VBA as a trusted partner has helped us successfully open new clinics on time and on budget,” said Rodriguez.

VBA worked closely with Bond Vet’s team and their specialty suppliers to ensure all equipment, from digital radiography, oxygen concentrators to surgical lasers, were installed correctly to obtain multiple permits and pass inspections. 

“We estimate that over the course of our projects with Bond Vet we may work with over a dozen specialized partners, suppliers and subcontractors to complete each job,” said Jon DuPont, project manager for VBA. “And it is through our focus on communications and teamwork that we can build successfully in today’s challenging construction environment.”

Other key features of the Bond Vet construction projects included the use of practical materials that allow for easy clean-up of floors and walls as well as a functional layout that makes it easy for staff to access the materials they need and facilitate easy access to exam rooms for pets.

DuPont noted that Bond Vet places a special emphasis on creating calm spaces for pets and their humans so that they feel comfortable. He said that adding sound-dampening materials, particularly in exam rooms, can make a big difference. 

DuPont said, “We are proud of our work for Bond Vet and helping them to provide a welcoming experience for pets and owners, but also a great work environment for their dedicated care team.”



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