Vessel Technologies breaks ground on five-story residence - 146 Realty Dr.

November 17, 2023 - Connecticut

Cheshire, CT Vessel Technologies, Inc. has broken ground on its project at 146 Realty Dr., which will bring 70 new attainably-priced homes to the previously vacant location. The housing product innovator is preparing the site for construction of the planned five-story building near Rte. 10.

Vessel’s high-performance building system was created as a solution to help communities address critical local housing needs by delivering aspirational homes for the “missing middle,” those who earn far too much to qualify for subsidized housing and far too little to qualify for “luxury” market rate housing. Vessel’s innovative, productized approach allows buildings to be built much faster and less expensively than previously possible, with prefabricated wall and ceiling panels delivered and assembled on site.

Vessel’s universally designed apartments feature the latest software-enabled technologies and smart, elegant designs, with a strong focus on safety, sustainability, and resident health. 

With access to Rte. 691, the building at 146 Realty Dr. will include 66 one-bedroom and 4 two-bedroom apartments. Parking will include 82 spaces, including 4 ADA accessible spaces, 7 ‘electric vehicle ready’ spaces, 2 standard EV charging stations, and infrastructure to support additional ‘EV ready’ spaces as needed. Vessel will also soon begin accepting applications for a dedicated local Caretaker, a vested member of the community who is trained and empowered to become a housing provider to their neighbors as a Vessel franchisee. 

“Our nation’s housing economy is fundamentally flawed, and we have rethought every single aspect of development to create a high-quality product that is safe, sustainable, healthy, and efficient,” said Neil Rubler, Vessel Technologies founder and CEO. “Our streamlined construction approach allows us to deliver 21st century housing at prices attainable for Cheshire’s workforce, young adults returning home after college, and downsizing seniors – all who want to live in the community they serve or have long called home.”



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