"Who is HG Cornerstone?" and "What is HG Cornerstone doing differently?"

August 22, 2013 - Front Section

Joann Gannaway-Breuer, HG Cornerstone, LLC

"Who is HG Cornerstone?" If you're asking yourself that question, perhaps a better question might be, "What is HG Cornerstone doing differently so that everyone seems to be asking who are they?"
It might be easy to rely upon being the most innovative problem solvers in construction and real estate to get new business through a great reputation and referrals. Or by being the "go to" company that attorney's seek out for expert technical strategy to ensure they win their case. And, it doesn't hurt to be a fierce negotiator when representing a buyer or seller in a commercial real estate transaction or think outside the box when marketing a property. But these alone would not have created the buzz we are currently experiencing.
Perhaps the best part of being a part of HG Cornerstone is knowing that as the founding partners, we can share our innovation and ideas to help others create the same buzz. It is imperative to be the best at what we do, but what makes success even sweeter is our ability to bring a unique energy and excitement to the commercial real estate and construction industry. This is the same attitude that we ask of our team. Be the best, be great at what you do, and support your team in being their best. Together we are better, stronger and reach our goals faster. Our clients understand that a team working toward excellence on their behalf gives them a far greater product and outcome.
In todays fast-paced, social media savvy business world, the old way of doing business won't keep you fresh and exciting in the business world. "We've always done it this way" has been replaced with "What are people trending right now?" If you've been doing business with the same clients for many years, the same old way, watch out! A new tech-savvy, creative-thinking generation is on the rise and that innovative, fresh approach to business is definitely shaking things up. Let's get on board and couple the tried-and-true knowledge and experience with a more innovative approach. We at HG Cornerstone embrace change with the same vigor that we embrace challenges with. Both keep you sharp and cause you to hone your skills to an even deeper level-if you allow them to.
Joel Breuer, my husband and business partner, was born and raised in Massachusetts and attended Northeastern University and graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering. He quickly developed the reputation as being the company's problems solver, working on the projects that no one else wanted. He created cutting-edge solutions that were implemented nation-wide. His skills were further sharpened when he began working with various legal teams, including in-house and outside counsel, as the technical expert and strategist. He has been instrumental in resolving construction and engineering problems that seemed next to impossible to resolve, and has been instrumental in creating conflict resolution or favorable outcomes in many legal disputes. His engineering and construction expertise has also given him the reputation of being the person to call when you want your project done right, the first time.
My own background is less technical and far more entrepreneurial than Joel's. I was raised in Huntington Beach, California in a family where owning your own business and investing in real estate was nightly dinner conversation. My grandfather, Harrell Gannaway, the "HG" in HG Cornerstone, was an inventor, an entrepreneur, a real estate developer, and business owner. His success left a deep and lasting impression on me, and although he passed away when I was just 17 years old, I knew that I wanted to honor his legacy. My parents were both in real estate. As investors and property managers, they created value through their insights and vision in real estate, and I learned from them what was possible and how to make it happen. There was no better teacher than my mother and no other woman who could match her determination, strength, and understanding of real estate.
Joel and I met while neighbors in Southern California and married in 1992. Over the past 20 years we have had the unique opportunity of enjoying the electric energy and creativity of Southern California, coupled with the determination, preparation, education and strength of Massachusetts. When we relocated to Boston in 2008, we had already been serving the multi-family and construction industry for over a decade as business owners and were excited to bring our business to the city we loved.
Being a California girl, I quickly began to miss the glamour and social business experience, the light-hearted conversations, and the ease with which Californians meet new people and make new friends. Out of this was born the idea to invite other business people to our office on Friday afternoons to meet, talk, get to know each other, and see how we could help them add value in their respective businesses. Voilà! New friends! And new business associates.
How are you creating a buzz for your business? Have you joined us at a free "Friday Happy Hour" event? If not, why? Too many clients? Too much business? It is not just about HG Cornerstone, it's about meeting new people and making new friends. It's exciting to watch deals take place among those who have attended, and to see first hand that by bringing business people together they are growing their businesses. That feels fantastic-a little California glamour and sunshine in our beautiful city of Boston! What could be better than that? We hope to see you at our next event!
Joann Gannaway-Breuer is managing partner at HG Cornerstone, LLC, Boston, Mass.


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