Wiseman of Cotti-Johnson: So, whats next?

September 02, 2022 - Owners Developers & Managers
Gamble Wiseman

In today’s day and age, it’s difficult for companies in the trades to find skilled staff, never mind grow and thrive! However, we’ve somehow managed to do both.

In the past year, we’ve expanded our electrical department into commercial service with two highly experienced commercial master electricians and officially opened a plumbing department. That said, we are looking to hire skilled journeyman plumbers and HVAC technicians. Do you know anyone that’s looking? Or maybe you have on-site staff that you don’t want to manage anymore. We’ll take over the management of that staff and set your building(s) up on a full-service plan. You’ll never have to worry about surprise service bills again, which will also substantially reduce your downtime and operating expenses overall.

Do you have a referral for us? Or want to hear more about our full-service programs? Give me a call at (781) 989-0232.

Gamble Wiseman handles commercial maintenance at Cotti-Johnson HVAC, Inc., Taunton, Mass.



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