Xeal deploys 80 advanced
EV chargers at Osborn Triangle

May 10, 2024 - Front Section

Cambridge, MA Xeal, one of the only no-central-network-needed EV charging solutions with industry-leading uptime, has collaborated with an affiliate of The Bulfinch Companies, and Harrison Street, on the strategic deployment of over 80 advanced EV chargers at Osborn Triangle, a life sciences campus in the city’s life science hub Kendall Sq. This initiative propels the life science tenants towards sustainable urban development as well as enhancing the city’s EV charging infrastructure.

With nearly a third of all U.S. office development dedicated to life science projects, they believe the vitality of this sector hinges on real estate infrastructure that not only meets current demands but also facilitates future expansion. The collaboration between Xeal, Bulfinch, and Harrison Street addresses the immediate and long-term needs of life science tenants and community members. By providing reliable and easily accessible EV charging solutions, the partnership fosters a sustainable, innovative environment that nurtures both the professional endeavors and daily lives of pioneers in life sciences research and development.

“By equipping the campus with reliable EV chargers, we’re helping our tenants reach sustainability goals while making it easier to adopt sustainable transportation,” said Robert Brierley, SVP, director of property management at Bulfinch. “Osborn Triangle’s tenants are driving innovation; we’re making sure they have the charge to do so.” 

Accommodating 650 parking spots, Osborn Triangle stands at the crossroads of innovation and sustainability within Boston’s life science CRE landscape. By installing Xeal’s EV chargers at this location, Bulfinch and Harrison Street underscore their commitment to offering sustainable transportation solutions for tenants including Pfizer, Novartis, and LabCentral, along with campus visitors. 

To date, Bulfinch and Harrison Street have installed their first 12 Level 2 Xeal chargers, with an additional 71 scheduled to deploy in the coming months. In less than one month, these first 12 chargers have already delivered 11,500 electric miles and 8,876 lbs of CO2 reduction, with 100% reliability.

“At Xeal, we recognize the critical role life sciences have in our local communities. We want to ensure that when people need essential fuel, they can depend on Xeal to power their journeys – whether it’s another day working in the lab or charging up at an apartment building overnight,” said Alexander Isaacson, co-founder and CEO at Xeal. “It’s about delivering on the expectation of reliability, mirroring the steadfast commitment of the professionals building the latest innovations in healthcare.”

Distinguishing itself from traditional charging systems, Xeal’s chargers eliminate the common issue of single-point-of-failure central networks. The source of 95% of charging failures ranges from connectivity at 55% to 40% other central-networked related critical functions such as payment, firmware, and IoT functionality. Xeal utilizes a patented, self-reliant computing protocol ensuring constant availability, thus making its network more dependable than others on the market.



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