2015 Annual Review responses by Sheryl Starr of Bernkopf Goodman

December 25, 2015 - Front Section
Sheryl Starr, Bernkopf Goodman Sheryl Starr, Bernkopf Goodman
Respondent’s Name: Sheryl Starr Company: Bernkopf Goodman My greatest professional accomplishment in 2015 wasn’t necessarily the biggest financial deal of the year, but it was the most rewarding on a personal level. I helped my client, a major public university, create a partnership with a nearby high school to build a joint “Fenway Park” style baseball complex which will allow both schools to have an NCAA Division 3 style home field. The baseball complex will also serve local community groups. As lawyers, we don’t often get to have “fun” in our work, and this was a truly enjoyable project.            


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