Callahan Construction participates in hot work safety certificate program

April 13, 2018 - Front Section

Bridgewater, MA Callahan Construction Managers has participated in the Boston Hot Work Safety Certificate Program implemented by the National Fire Protection Associations (NFPA). The program provides interactive training that teaches the various types of hot work, how to identify common fuel sources and ignition sources, how to cite relevant standards, regulations, and ordinances that are applicable to hot work, how to define the duties and responsibilities of each person on the hot work team and how to read and understand a hot work permit. The program forms the basis for creating and managing all hot work activities in a safe and effective manner.

“Callahan has taken steps to ensure their operations are safe as a result of their company-wide completion of the NFPA Safety Certificate Program,” said Guy Colonna, division director, National Fire Protection Association. “We applaud Callahan for their efforts in training their team members in the fundamental safeguards that will keep their work sites safe from preventable instances involving fire.”

All Callahan Project Executives, Project Managers, Assistant Project Managers and Superintendents were required to participate in the Hot Work training class and assessment in order to obtain their certificates. Callahan’s all-embracing commitment to hot work safety practices is part of a crucial universal effort that helps all construction workers engaged in hot work operations be properly trained on the specific safety procedures that promote hot work safety on job sites.

“Callahan is always looking for ways to be proactive when it comes to safety and we are using the NFPA training as another step in our fire prevention planning for projects. We want to lead by example and make sure that every employee on site is prepared and aware of the protocol for hot work safety,” stated Tim LeBlanc, Director of Safety at Callahan. “With recent events of fire hazards in the construction industry, Callahan is taking serious and necessary steps toward being acclaimed as one of the safest construction management firms in the City of Boston.”

The Hot Work Safety program was created by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in cooperation with the City of Boston. The definition of “hot work” per the amended Boston Fire Prevention Code includes: welding and allied processes; heat treating; grinding; thawing pipes; powder-driven fasteners; hot riveting; torch-applied roofing; and any similar applications producing or using sparks, flame or heat.

Callahan Construction Managers is a full-service construction management company that has served the New England and Northeast regions as a family business for more than 65 years. As one of the region’s largest open shop construction firms, Callahan provides a wide range of preconstruction and construction management services to local, regional, and national clients. Callahan enforces a high quality and innovative approach to all projects, including multi-family residential, senior housing, hospitality, retail, corporate office, life sciences, educational, and other markets.



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