Haynes Group moves to new 25,000 s/f collaborative office workspace in West Bridgewater

November 18, 2016 - Construction Design & Engineering

West Bridgewater, MA Picture this: an open floor plan office beaming with tons of natural light, a mixture of cool, wood and metal finishes, state-of-the-art technology for presentations, collaborative spaces that lead into more quiet workspaces, a designated training room, and mini fitness center to foster employee wellness. Sounds like the latest tech startup company vying to attract the city’s top talent. Only it’s not. It’s the description of the quickly-rising construction company, Haynes Group, Inc.’s new office space.

Haynes Group is just one of a handful of leaders in the construction industry investing in this approach to creating a creative and collaborative work environment. Founded by Mike and Bryan Haynes in 2001, the company was established to bridge excellence in client service with a multitude of construction solutions. With leadership significantly younger than your average construction company, Haynes Group is already attracting some of the industry’s top up and coming talent. Designing a new space is the next step in solidifying the company’s cool-factor.

“One thing I don’t think a lot of construction companies use is this kind of open collaborative model. That’s something we’re striving for. We try to be unique in terms of providing customer service and allowing people to help out whenever there is an issue. It’s all geared towards having more customer service friendly environment,” said Paul Oliveira, Haynes Group project manager.

Haynes has already moved from their prior Easton location to the new 25,000 s/f location at 385 West St. in West Bridgewater, but will only occupy about 10,000 s/f of the building - for now.  The building was given a complete remodel to bring it up to code, complete with new HVAC systems, electrical, and sprinklers. Instead of a reception desk, guests are greeted by a small bar area, a preview of the larger 10-person bar with a custom tap found on the second floor. 

Rather than focus on designated individual work stations, Haynes is interested in how people work within their spaces. Some people might work better in a quiet office space, while others need the option of chatting with others over a cold drink. “Our construction team and collaborative efforts with our employees made this design the perfect space to reflect the company’s style,” said Bryan Haynes. Creating the option for flexible work areas brings out the best in talent. And if you need a break, you can blow off some steam in the play room - complete with a lounge, ping pong table and shufflepuck.

So far, the new space has been well-received by employees and Haynes Group is looking forward to hosting industry events in the new space. “Haynes needed a new space to attract and retain talent and to accommodate future growth.  We are an independent, family-owned organization committed to growth and the necessary investments in technology and team members to continue our success,” said co-founder & CEO Mike Haynes. One thing is for sure, Haynes Group is proving that the tech industry isn’t the only place you’ll find offices with a cool startup vibe anymore.


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