2019 Women in Construction: Jessica Nassar, Assistant Estimator, Retail at Shawmut Design and Construction

March 29, 2019 - Spotlights

How many years have you been in your current field? 5

What are you doing differently in 2019 that has had a positive impact on your career? Absorbing as much information from my manager and peers to continue submitting well-rounded estimates to high-end clients. 

What was your first job and what did you learn from it? I worked on an Apple store and throughout the project learned the importance of sub-contractor coverage and attention to detail.

Who are three women – living or dead – that you would like to have drinks with and why?
1. My grandmother, Adebe, who was a successful, powerful and organized business owner. I never got to meet her because she passed away before I was born.
2. Michelle Obama because she is intelligent, humble and classy.
3. Alicia Moore (aka Pink) because she is very talented and I enjoy her positive outlook on life. Plus, she just seems fun.

What were your biggest fears when you started out in your profession? Failing and not being able to grasp all aspects of my position. I overcame these fears by asking questions and accomplishing small tasks, rather than getting overwhelmed by the big picture.



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