2019 Women in Construction: Jessica Spivey, Superintendent at Shawmut Design and Construction

March 29, 2019 - Spotlights

How many years have you been in your current field? 13

What are you doing differently in 2019 that has had a positive impact on your career? In 2019, I am making the conscious decision to not ask for permission to do the right thing. Whether it’s making a definitive decision in the field or setting up a training session with junior staff, I’m just doing it. “See a need, fill a need.”

Who are three women – living or dead – that you would like to have drinks with and why? I’d love to have dinner and drinks with Julia Child, Princess Diana, and Michelle Obama. Hopefully Julia and I would cook, and we’d all chat about cooking, the meaning of healthy living, how to evoke positive change in the hearts of our communities, and how to better care for our community’s children.

Which project, deal or transaction was the “game changer” in the advancement of your career during the last 10 years? Upon graduation of Shawmut’s CMST program, I chose the field and I haven’t looked back. Every day is something new and a different challenge to conquer!



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