2019 Women in Construction: Mari Creatini, Senior Estimator, Hospitality at Shawmut Design and Construction

March 29, 2019 - Spotlights

How many years have you been in your current field? 13 

What are you doing differently in 2019 that has had a positive impact on your career? I’ve been working on a lot of design-build projects (which is new to me), utilizing my architecture background in a creative way to design to a budget and own the process with architect, designer, and client requests.

Who are three women – living or dead – that you would like to have drinks with and why? 
1. Serena Williams: I admire her because she’s forged her own path in the industry, and balances being an elite athlete and a good mother. 
2. Michelle Obama: I love how she carries herself, always respectful of others regardless of viewpoints or opinions. Her nutrition and gardening initiatives are very important to me; she’s created something so attainable that empowers young women.  
3. Emma Watson: She uses her platform in such a positive, empowering way, focusing on gender equality and bringing awareness to slow fashion to promote ethical labor and people’s rights. I also think she’s an amazing actress. 

What were your biggest fears when you started out in your profession? The fear of not being good enough. Construction can be such an overwhelming industry; there’s so much to learn and I didn’t want to let anyone down because I wasn’t knowledgeable enough. I finally realized that it’s normal not to know everything, and that it’s important to work hard and figure out the right balance to make myself the best person possible. With experience comes the opportunity to learn and grow, and there will be learning opportunities throughout my entire career. 



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