2019 Women Who Build: Kelly Gallagher, Interstate Electrical Services

February 15, 2019 - Connecticut

Name: Kelly Gallagher

Position: First-Year Apprentice

Company: Interstate Electrical Services

Kelly Gallagher is a first-year apprentice at Interstate Electrical Services, who couldn’t find the right field of study that was a fit for her. Five majors and two colleges later, she decided to take a break from studies and worked in retail for a few years. Looking for something more fulfilling, she embarked on a one-year electrical trade training program, and she knew she had found her calling. “For the first time in my life, I did really well in school and knew I’d found my place.”

Gallagher is now five months into the electrical apprenticeship program at Interstate, and is enjoying every minute of it. “It’s a lot of fun. Everything is so new to me and there’s a lot to learn and I love soaking it all in. I never know exactly what the day has in store, so every day is an adventure.” Kelly is working towards getting a Journeyman license and potentially her Master license after that.

Kelly points out that it might never occur to women like her to enter the electrical trade. “In high school, some of my best friends were guys who were doing the electrical program at their vocational school. It never occured to me that that could be a potential career for me. I don’t think electrician is presented as an option to many women. But they should absolutely go for it!”



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