2019 Women Who Build: Allisyn Mowrey, Interstate Electrical Services

February 15, 2019 - Connecticut

Name: Allisyn Mowrey

Position: Electrical Apprentice

Company: Interstate Electrical Services

Allisyn Mowrey is an electrical apprentice at Interstate Electrical Services, having been in the apprenticeship program for almost a year. Mowrey originally intended to go into the dental field, but at the suggestion of a friend, took an exploratory course in electrical that changed her mind. She was fascinated by “the whole concept of understanding how electricity worked,” and the thought that she’d be able to wire her own house one day. 

Mowrey finds fulfillment in the feeling of an honest day’s work - that she can begin her day with a project in mind and then “at the end of the day I’ve finished my task and then some.” Her approach? Don’t sweat the small stuff and focus on the big picture. “You can’t let the small stuff get to you – you have to be able to let things go.”

Are women put off by the gender imbalance in the construction trades? Mowrey thinks so, but encourages anyone interested to pursue the electrical trade. 

“Definitely do it! It’s a great opportunity to learn so much.”



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