2019 Women Who Build: Tiffany Stanewicz, Interstate Electrical Services

February 15, 2019 - Connecticut

Name: Tiffany Stanewicz

Position: Assistant Electrical Designer

Company: Interstate Electrical Services

Tiffany Stanewicz is an assistant electrical designer at Interstate Electrical Services and has been with the company for three and a half years. Previously in the medical field, she was introduced to the electrical trade by her then-boyfriend (now husband), an electrician who is passionate about the field. She was immediately intrigued by the industry. “The electrical trade provided me an opportunity to create and to build not only on projects but also on myself. Every project seems to bring new interesting challenges. I get to collaborate with an amazing team to overcome obstacles and bumps in the road as they arise all while building a lifelong meaningful career.” 

Stanewicz values the collaboration necessitated by the electrical trade and especially Interstate’s team-centric approach, where she gets to interact with a number of different departments noting, “I get to assist with layouts of electrical devices, communications and fire alarm. I also get to generate project light fixture schedules, generate photometric analysis models and calculations with various of software.” The most rewarding part? Seeing her completed projects “come alive.”

As for encouraging other women to enter the trades, Tiffany says there’s “never been a better time for women to defy gender norms and embrace their value as a skilled trade worker.” It’s an exciting field that women have historically overlooked, but if more women “had the opportunity to explore it they may fall in love with it.”




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