2021 Ones to Watch: Kurt Kashuba, Director of Construction, DPS Group Global

May 28, 2021 - Spotlights

What led you to your current profession? This is a good question, what lead me to construction management. Well as far back as I can remember, even from early childhood, I’ve always enjoyed working on projects, from building forts with childhood friends to working with family and friends on home improvements. I was excited, eager to learn and became interested in all the different facets of construction, from concept to completion, how it all works and fits together to deliver a final product.

How do you keep your team motivated despite conflicts and obstacles? I’ve learned through my own experiences that the best way to keep your team motivated is to listen, acknowledge and be active in your support; no team member should feel like they are on an island. My philosophy is that commending tasks well done, a pat on the back, goes a long way, and a positive attitude and sense of camaraderie sets the right tone for accomplishing the seemingly impossible.

Who or what inspires you? The result inspires me; to see the outcome and feel a sense of accomplishment. I love to see the before and after and know I had a hand in making the team and the project successful. As Director of Construction at DPS it’s very rewarding to see the successful collaborations between all of our in-house disciplines and our clients that help make these projects come to life.

What advice can you offer to someone who is interested in a career in your industry? Start young and try to work all aspects from the bottom to the top, this path allows you to grow into your final position and how to understand the foundations of all aspects of construction. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.



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