2021 Women in Commercial Real Estate: Lydia Chesnick, Partner, Bernkopf Goodman LLP

September 24, 2021 - Spotlights
Lydia Chesnick
Bernkopf Goodman LLP

What is one characteristic that you believe every woman in commercial real estate should possess? Growing up, it never occurred to me that being a woman could present any limitations on my ambitions and accomplishments. When I began my legal career decades ago, practicing law in a specialty dominated by men, I lamented the lack of women leaders and mentors and found myself in an industry unaccustomed and uncomfortable with women at the table. Obstacles still remain, but with women mentoring and supporting each other, we are on our way to an industry that values what actually matters: talent, accomplishments and experience. My advice, disregard perceived barriers and forge ahead.



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