2021 Women in Commercial Real Estate: Nichole Henderson, Project Manager, New England Construction

September 24, 2021 - Spotlights
Nichole Henderson
Project Manager
New England Construction

What led you to your current profession? When I graduated from college, I was hired by a company in Australia that gave me exposure to project management. I quickly learned that my skill set seemed to fit the role extremely well. During the four years I worked overseas, I seized any opportunity I could find to manage projects and people, and I also found that I really enjoyed it. When I returned home, I knew that being a PM was the career path I wanted to pursue.

In the past year, what project, transaction or accomplishment are you most proud of? Graduating from Northeastern with my MBA. It was something that I wanted to pursue to expand my business knowledge and career opportunities, while also becoming more effective in my current profession. It was challenging going to school part time while working my full-time job but was worth it in the long run. I am proud that I was able to push through and achieve this goal that I had set for myself years ago.

What is one characteristic that you believe every woman in commercial real estate should possess? Perseverance. I think it’s important to pursue your goals regardless of challenges or setbacks. I understand this can be daunting at times, but I believe that if you know what you want, you shouldn’t let anything stop you from achieving it.

What time management strategies do you find to be the most effective for you? Blocking off time in my calendar and setting reminders for certain tasks and activities. This not only keeps me on track for what I planned to complete each day, but also acts as a reminder for what I should be working on if I get sidetracked. Also creating a rough plan for the upcoming week in advance. Although my week never goes according to plan, at least I have an idea of what I need to accomplish by the end of the week and then I can adjust as needed when unexpected meetings or issues arise.



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