2021 Women in Construction: Maribella Buccella, Operations Manager, WoodCraft Millwork

March 26, 2021 - Spotlights

How have you adapted and changed in the last 12 months? In the last 12 months, while many have been working from home or not working at all, I have been lucky enough to continue to work with some minor changes. More cleaning, masks, distancing from colleagues and daily temperature checks. Like the rest of the community, I/we have the responsibility to keep each other safe. Adapting to small changes is just part of a job we all do. I go to work to keep things moving and to give others a bit of hope that things will return to normal. Everyday I wanted to make sure that I pushed forward. The biggest change was that I applied myself on being kinder and offered to help with what might not be my responsibility. Although it got discouraging at times, and it was tiring, I chose not to give up. This small effort made the people around me feel better. We adapt to different situations every day and we change our views every day. This past year has been quite different and uncharted. However, I have managed to push thru all the negativity and the chaos. I simply thought of it as a bump in the road that I can and will overcome.

What are you most looking forward to post-pandemic? Post -Pandemic, I am looking forward to the country returning to a normal economy. Traveling, retailing, restaurants and being amongst people without the fear of socializing. Our lives have been put on hold a full year. Unmasking will feel so liberating when that time comes! My most anticipated want after this pandemic is that businesses operate beyond sustainability levels. Our economy and our well-being depend on it.



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