2021 Women in Construction: Traci Jaroszewicz, Scheduling Manager, Columbia

March 26, 2021 - Spotlights

How have you adapted and changed in the last 12 months? Multi-tasking among working parents is at an all-time high! With three daughters in three different schools and my husband and I working full-time, it was certainly an adjustment to have everyone working and learning from home starting last March. Over the last year, we have all adapted to a hybrid work and school environment, and although it hasn’t been ideal, I feel it gave all of us new communication tools and adaptation skills to use now and in the future.

Why should women consider a career in construction? Why SHOULDN’T women consider a career in construction? That has always been my question. There should be no boundaries on any profession when someone has an interest. That doesn’t just apply to women, but to EVERYONE! There are so many opportunities that fall by the wayside for people because they are labeled as “mainly male” or “mainly female” professions. If you love it, GO FOR IT!! Don’t let labels hold you back from going for your dream. 

Starting out in the construction business, who or what empowered you? I was very lucky to have so much support early in my career. I made many friends along the way, starting with my co-op at Boston Children’s Hospital, all the way through to my current position. Over the last 32 years, there was one turning point that stood out for me. When I was an Assistant Project Manager, my Manager said I was ready to be a Project Manager. I was hesitant, but he insisted that I believe in my ability. I went for it, and it put me on my current career path. Everyone needs someone who believes in them!



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