2021 Year in Review: Brett Pelletier, COO, Kirk&Company: Real Estate Counselors

December 31, 2021 - Spotlights
Brett Pelletier
Kirk&Company: Real Estate Counselors

What was the biggest lesson you learned while working during the pandemic? Be flexible and kind, to yourself and to others. This experience has disproportionately impacted people and has, more than ever, shown that we never really know what others are dealing with. Practicing compassion and empathy costs little and can be such a powerful force for others. Whether it was remote work, flexible office hours, or just time to pause and reflect, it has been important to reevaluate priorities and how we get things done. Those lessons are durable and will carry through into the future, no matter the situation. There’s no downside to being nimble, flexible, and kind.

What are your predictions for your industry in 2022? I don’t make predictions.



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