2021 Year in Review: Daniel Rosow, Managing Broker, Real Estate Advisory Group NE

December 31, 2021 - Spotlights
Daniel Rosow
Real Estate Advisory Group NE

What was the biggest lesson you learned while working during the pandemic? People are resilient and adapt, business can increase & prosper even under the toughest circumstances if you find new ways to work around new challenges. Hardship sometimes brings out the best in us: creativity, togetherness, humanity. Being nimble and proactive has enabled us to adapt quickly to COVID related changes.

How has your working environment changed over the last year? Everything has become busier than before, the return to business was at lightning speed. We have improved our ability of working remotely by implementing new technologies and new approaches to existing ones.

What was your greatest professional accomplishment or most notable project, deal, or transaction in 2021? Louisville, KY: One of our partnerships has developed a 315,000 s/f distribution facility built on spec, started pre-COVID, and sold in November 2021 for north of $23 million with 50% occupancy at close to double the cost to build.

What are your predictions for your industry in 2022? The industrial sector is going to continue to be on fire! Big demand, limited inventory, escalating rents. Retail and office are going to continue to decline in use, even though not as precipitous as this past year.

What is the best advice you have received, and who was it from? Do the best you can under the circumstances, continue to work towards your goals; any crises is also an opportunity, so try to find out what works and adapt to the new situations as they arise. People are resilient and want to do the right thing even when things get tough, so try to help everyone make the most of what seems to be an awful situation. “If you build it, they will come.” (Kevin Costner in “Field of Dreams”).




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