2022 Women in Construction: Christina Guarnotta, Permitting Manager at Garland Building Company

March 25, 2022 - Spotlights
Christina Guarnotta

When you’re not busy, what is your go to book or podcast to help you unwind? I love to read, I’m constantly downloading new books to my tablet, but sometimes I will re-read a Stephen King novel, sounds strange to unwind to a horror book but it works for me

Starting out in the construction business, who or what empowered you? I would have to say my first manager Ivy White, we both had daughters the same age, she hired me as receptionist when I really needed a job and she always encouraged me to learn more about the construction business so she began teaching me about the permitting process with the City of Boston. I will always be grateful to her for giving me a chance.

What tips or advice would you offer to other women who are considering entering the construction industry? You never know who you are going to work for or with in the future, so always end a work relationship on good terms.



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