2022 Women in Construction: Jaclyn Hazlett, Project Manager at Erland Construction, Inc.

March 25, 2022 - Spotlights
Jaclyn Hazlett

What was your greatest professional achievement or most notable project in the last 12 months? My greatest professional achievement over the last 12 months was obtaining my Project Management Professional certificate from Wentworth Institute of Technology. I was able to take classes online while working full time and becoming a new mom. I could not have done it without the support of Erland, my colleagues, and, most importantly, my family.

When you’re not busy, what is your go to book or podcast to help you unwind? The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Starting out in the construction business, who or what empowered you? I would say my peers empowered me. I started out at Erland as the front desk coordinator, and quickly became interested in being a part of the operations side of a project. As I began asking more and more questions about the ins and outs of project management, my colleagues provided me with on-the-job training and additional responsibilities which helped me learn and grow. They supported me then and continue to support me now in my current role.

Within your firm, who has helped you succeed within the industry? How have they helped you? There hasn’t been just one person—there have been dozens. In fact, every project team I’ve been a part of has helped me grow and learn so much. That’s what’s so great about the construction industry…every project and team is so different and challenging in a new way that you’ll never stop learning.

What tips or advice would you offer to other women who are considering entering the construction industry? Advice that has helped me is to not doubt yourself. If you have a question, ask. There could be someone else at the table with the same question.



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