2023 Ones to Watch Rising Stars: Kevin McConnell, The Associated Construction Company

May 26, 2023 - Spotlights
Kevin McConnell
Director of Preconstruction 
The Associated Construction Company

Number of years at firm: 3

One thing on my bucket list: To travel by RV to the national parks with my family. After that, a European vacation and, later, a vacation home on the Cape. Trips like that create memories for a lifetime.

When I am not working, I am: Outdoors. I coach hockey & lacrosse and enjoy fly fishing and love outdoor activities. The common thread that flows through everything I do is family. My most enjoyable moments are time with my immediate and extended family members.

What recent project, transaction, or accomplishment are you most proud of? As a leader, I find fulfillment in creating an environment for employees to grow and flourish, achieved by securing profitable contracts for a stable and long-term workplace. Our goal is to ensure our team feels secure, happy and cared for, with growth opportunities. We recognize and reward employees for their achievements and personal development, aiming to impact their lives positively. We also provide training and support to help them develop their skills to succeed.

What makes this nominee a RISING STAR? 
“Kevin is a rising star with a forward-thinking, global view and collaborative nature. He broadens his responsibilities, promotes the company culture, and recognizes trends. He has strong business acumen, leads his department, develops career pathways, and participates in strategic planning. Kevin excels in problem-solving, conceptual estimating, and budget optimization and is instrumental in landing multi-million-dollar projects.” - Joe Jankowski, President at The Associated Construction Company



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