2024 Women in Construction: Anna Campbell,
Sanborn, Head & Associates

March 29, 2024 - Spotlights
Anna Campbell
Sanborn, Head & Associates


What has been the driving force behind your success in the AEC industry? I have been fortunate in my career to follow behind several women pioneering our place in the AEC industry. At each stage, there has been a woman (or more!) exemplifying technical capability, and leadership, which effectively banished my imposter syndrome – if she can do it, so can I! Beyond modeling a career pathway, I am so grateful to these women for their willingness to serve as a mentor for the next generation of AEC, inclusive of all identities. I am motivated to continue their work to expand the profile of who can be successful in the industry.

Who or what inspired you to join the AEC industry? I did not intend to join the AEC industry. I studied geology to complement an elementary education degree. However, I soon realized I was interested in earth science as much as I envisioned my future students would be! Following graduation, I walked into a new experience with an open mind by accepting an environmental engineering position. After experiencing the satisfaction and pride of being part of a team that remediates contaminated sites for beneficial uses, I was inspired to pursue a career in the AEC industry. Since that time, I’ve even helped build an elementary school.




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