DREAM Collaborative designs 7,000 s/f Whittier St. Health Center project

April 16, 2015 - Front Section

1290 Tremont Street - Boston, MA

DREAM Collaborative is providing architectural services to Whittier Street Health Center (WSHC) to design and administer the construction of their new 7,000 s/f Medical Fitness Center at 1290 Tremont St.
Together with Chapman Construction, DREAM is pioneering the design of a new fitness facility prototype that is filling a gap that traditional commercial gyms have been unable to fill. Medical exercise is the seamless integration of healthcare services, wellness, and fitness programs to provide preventative and rehabilitative care. The new facility will be located in WSHC's recently completed building along one of Boston's busiest thoroughfares. It will be medically integrated, and create a vibrant and energetic environment where personal health and development flourish through the guidance of trained fitness professionals.
Whittier's Medical Fitness Center will open this summer. Programs will include physical fitness, yoga, fitness training, nutrition counseling and stress reduction sessions as well as individual and group sessions with a life coach to help establish and maintain self-management goals and techniques. The center will be open to Whittier's patients, employees, and members of the community.


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