A silver lining coming from the COVID-19 crisis - by Rick Kaplan

April 03, 2020 - Front Section
Rick Kaplan, NEREJ

I have been reading and listening to all the reporting on the COVID-19 and it is all bad news. It has got me thinking, which is never a good thing. Is there anything positive that can come from this situation? I feel there is so much uncertainty about the virus, economy and just everyday life as we know it.

We should have been expecting that something like this would be coming. Things have been good for too long. This whole COVID-19 is somewhat of a wake up call. So we are in the middle of this thing now and we need to figure out how to adapt and keep everyone safe and still conduct business as usual. I think everyone is looking for our government to give us the right direction. The message I feel we are getting is that a lot of the manufacturing of products were made overseas. It’s time to bring some of our manufacturing back to the USA. 

Most companies have asked all of their employees who are able to work from home to do so, they might find it more productive not having the two-three hour travel time a day. If you have a chance, take a ride on the expressway at 9 a.m. and see if that doesn’t bring back memories from the early 1970s.

We have interest rates the lowest they have been in decades, oil is at a all time low. 

Yes we are going through some trying times right now, but remember we are all in this together. Everyone should do their part to help us all get through this tough time. This is the time to be enjoying your family, supporting local businesses, and do your best to keep our economy going. Show kindness in these troubled times. When we finally come out of this crazy time we should all be better people, stronger and very prepared for whatever comes our way. This is a time to show compassion in your business practices. Stay safe and healthy.

What do you think of the current situation let me know [email protected]

Rick Kaplan is the media/marketing director at NEREJ, Norwell, Mass.



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