Abbot repairs masonry at 10-story brick and concrete office building

September 23, 2022 - Construction Design & Engineering

Boston, MA Abbot completed a comprehensive masonry repair project on a 10-story brick and concrete commercial/office building located at the corner of State and Commercial Sts. in the financial district.

Abbot secured the project based on a competitive bidding process among qualified masonry firms in the greater Boston area.

Among the major complexities Abbot faced was to repair cracks that ran vertically along the two large columns on the corner of the building. To assure that the cracks were successfully repaired, Abbot replaced the rusted embedded steel relieving angles in each of the corner columns. In addition, Abbot rebuilt areas of significant damage or deterioration on the building façade with brick to match the original design and configuration of the building.

The scope of the project also included cutting and pointing of all masonry joints, replacing deteriorated steel lintels above the windows, and cutting out and caulking around all of the windows and louvers.

One of the initial challenges on the project was to erect pipe staging on the full height of the building to allow worker access while providing overhead protection for the safety of pedestrians along the busy walkway below.

Due to the seamless coordination among the building owner (Northland Investment Corp.), the engineering company [Commercial Construction Consulting (C3)], and Abbot every step of the way, the project was completed on time and on budget.

Abbot provides a range of masonry construction services to public, institutional, and commercial clients, including condominiums, property management entities, and private residences. The firm also acts as a general contractor for a variety of masonry building construction projects.



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