CAI surpasses 45,000 members - celebrates during 50th anniversary

September 01, 2023 - Owners Developers & Managers

Since September 1973, Community Associations Institute (CAI) has been the leading provider of resources and information for homeowners, volunteer board leaders, professional managers, and business professionals in the more than 358,000 homeowners associations, condominiums, and housing cooperatives in the United States and millions of communities worldwide.

This year CAI celebrates its 50th anniversary, and is proud to announce that it has surpassed 45,000 members with a total membership of 45,038 and counting. Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, CAI has grown by 10,000 members since 2018 and over the past year alone added 2,000 members.

Since CAI was established in 1973 with only 200 members, education and training, networking opportunities, and access to exclusive resources and publications have been key benefits of membership. By 1983, the organization comprised more than 5,000 members and, by 2010, CAI reached 30,000 members. Today, CAI has 64 chapters worldwide, including Canada, the Middle East, and South Africa, and relationships with housing leaders in Spain, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The CAI New England Chapter (CAI-NE) is among the top five largest chapters in the country. While education, training, and networking continue to be a priority, CAI also is the leader in community association industry research and data as well as advocacy support for community association residents across the globe.

A global nonprofit 501(c)6 organization, CAI’s mission is to inspire professionalism, effective leadership and responsible citizenship – ideals reflected in community associations that are preferred places to call home.

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