Complete-ly scary: New rating network for business professionals launches, and why you should care - by Diana Podaski

April 28, 2017 - Retail
Diana Podaski, Linear Retail

Just when you were getting comfortable with LinkedIn, a new business oriented social network has launched called, “Completed” – and it may have you in a pinch. 

Remember back when you actually wished for a rating service to be invented so you could warn the dating public of your exes? Well, your dream just turned into a scarier reality, except it’s a rating system for business professionals instead. Depending on how good of a significant other you are, maybe this is better for you, haha. 

Now, let’s get personal. Completed, a company based out of San Francisco just launched this April, and it wants you to rate and rank those you’ve worked with and had good and bad experiences. It’s supposed to be a network where you are rewarded for good work and potentially makes you a greater hiring prospect. 

Completed CEO, Michael Zammuto said, “The mission is to see that everyone gets feedback that will help them develop professionally…making you and those around you grow and succeed.”

The way it works is anyone can post a review on anyone if its business related. If there isn’t a pre-populated profile for the searched name, the user can create the review/person listing and rate them on a five-star system (similar to Yelp). Other fields include: “pros,” “feedback,” and “constructive criticism.” One thing to note is that reviews are allowed anonymously so it really opens the gamut for people to be brutally honest. There is also what’s called a “trust score” at the top of the page by the person’s name and photo. You can verify (or claim) your profile to increase your trust score or create a profile for yourself before someone rates you. One positive fallback to the network is that it seems to have a strict no-bullying policy. Anything Completed deems as “harassing, threatening, embarrassing, or targeting” will not be allowed to post. 

So, is it the worst thing for people to be held accountable for their actions? Probably not, but you better think twice about the Golden Rule before you see your name on Completed with two stars. 

TechCrunch recently reported that the company secured $150,000 in funding to “keep the wheels a-turning” so for now, you may want to check out the site and search for your name every few weeks. Yes, this is the world we live in and you don’t have much of a choice on whether you’d like to participate anymore…scary.

Social Media Fun Fact: Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in December 2016.

Diana Podaski is VP - marketing and social media at Linear Retail Properties, Burlington, Mass.



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