The Copley Group leases 1,600 s/f to w2k Art Space

October 04, 2019 - Front Section

Brookline, MA The Copley Group has leased retail space at 1404 Beacon St. to w2k Art Space. The leasing of this 1,600 s/f retail unit brings this mixed-use property to 100% occupancy. The broker of this deal was Roei Biberstain with Vanguard Realty. 

W2k offers art education classes and has an art gallery. The gallery includes both contemporary and experimental ink paintings from China and works from local artists. The art classes are welcoming to people of all art skills and knowledge. They offer a beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes. Artists and aspiring artists can also drop by for an “Art Buffet” which includes unlimited materials and one-on-one guidance.

Yixin Huang, a co-founder of w2k said, “We chose this location and space for our gallery for several reasons. As an art industry operator from China, we hoped to find a neighborhood that is very tolerant and open to multiculturalism. The various merchants from outside of the U.S. on Beacon St. made us very excited. We like that the neighborhood has good traffic but is not too noisy. Additionally, some friends who live in Brookline complained to us that there seems to be little room for free creation, painting materials, and art. We wanted to change this, bringing more convenience to Brookline’s local art-loving residents while also bringing in art and culture from Asia. Finally, the residents here are very kind and friendly. We are so appreciative for the help we have received from our landlord, The Copley Group and our neighboring businesses. We are excited to be providing the best service and fun activities for residents of the area.”



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